SSC CGL Trigonometry - Scoring part of Tier 1 and 2 Exam

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SSC CGL Maths is a very important part of the Tier 1 and 2 exam. In this section, most of the questions asked are from these topics.

2. Geometry
3. Mensuration
4. Algebra
5. Profit and Loss

Although these topics are easy and we all have studied these in our 10th grad but in SSC CGL Exam the difficulty level is somehow higher and it become crucial for an aspirant to solve these question in least possible time so that candidate can ace in the paper with higher marks. It not only helps candidates to score more than cut off marks but also managing time during the paper in exam hall bonus confident of solving questions correctly.

Let's Study smart:

Trigonometry video for SSC CGL Exam:

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam was held online this year and result is about to be announced. Now, those who are going to be proceeded to Tier 2 must start preparing for the exam so that they can compete with other candidates.

Watch this video and know how to solve basic trigonometry problems and proceed to advanced level of difficulty.

Why Trigonometry is Troublesome for SSC CGL Candidates:

SSC CGL exam is one of the most sought exam among Indian graduates and candidates are continuously looking for topics that are most important topics in the exam. 

Trigonometry being an important topic also carries a baggage of being a tough topic. Let's delve deeper to know why trigonometry is so hard.

Trigonometry is a relatively different branch of mathematics which differs from conventional mathematics.

Trigonometry has a vast variety of formulas which you need to memorize, in order to get good marks and command over the topic.

Don't jump to the advanced level trigonometry without having any clue about the basics - You'll end up feeling that the topic is hard to learn.

How to Start Studying for SSC CGL Trigonometry :

1. Trigonometry formulas for Sin, Cos, Tan, Cosec, Sec, Cot.
2. Values of angles with different identities.
3. Formulas for Adjacent, Opposite, and Hypotenuse.
4. Basics of Degree and Radian
By knowing these all you'll be covering a larger aspect of trigonometry (It's all about a triangle)
Keep improving your basics by adding more formulas and shortcut tricks to solve trigonometry problem in SSC CGL exam.
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